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My name is Kelsey Loughran, and I’m the second half of the dynamic Full Spoilers Ahead duo. I’m a loan processor who dreams of someday opening her own bookstore/bar, and my favorite place to be is in bed with a good book. I’m a stone-cold Slytherin with a heart of gold, and a tendency to get worked up about things. I love coffee, dancing, listening to music, and generally being a spazzy goof of an individual.

Other than my obvious passion for reading, I love sitcoms and all things nerd-related. I’m slowly tip-toeing my way into the worlds of burlesque and Dungeons & Dragons, so you could say I’m multi-faceted.

I moved to Springfield, Missouri nine years ago (with a brief hiatus in St. Louis), and basically stayed because Samm Ravens is still here. (Where she leads, I will follow.) I live by myself surrounded by books and Beatles paraphernalia.